Firm Information Sheet
About us

The firm was founded in 1990. We have a dominant role in the domestic and Western European (German) building material market.
We currently produce and trade roofing accessories, machines and utensils, specifically BRAMAC and other concrete tile roof systems.
We have approximately 4000 m² modern manufacturing area in the industrial park of Esztergom; in the neighborhood of the Hungarian Suzuki Corporation.
We have modern machinery and efficient infrastructure along with an organized worker network which allows us to perform our services at a high level of quality.
Official Name: EMI-Mérnökiroda Kft.
Operational & Contact address: 2500 Esztergom , Schweidel J. u 50. HUNGARY
Tax number: 10422494 2 11
Trade register number:11-09-001286/16.
Date of establishment: 01.10.1990.

Account servicing institutions:
CIB Bank Rt. 10700361-25247200-51100005
K & H Bank Rt. 10200483-36110849-00000000
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