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The history of Esztergom ,the Pearl of the Danube bend, dates back to several centuries . This region has been inhabited since the prehistoric age . The Romans built a fortress and our first king , St. Stephen was also crowned here. After the Tatar invasion Esztergom lost its position as the capital of Hungary but remained the seat of the cardinal , the ecclesiastical centre of the young state.
During the age of the Renaissance the town flourished, which was stopped by the Turkish occupations.
The cardinal managed to flee to Upper Hungary (to Nagyszombat) abandoning this region for 300 years.
The returning Cathedral Chapter made an attempt to restore the old fame of the town by laying down the foundation stone of the biggest church of Central-Europe only in 1822. Although Esztergom could never regain its previous political influence , in art and culture the town achieved a lot.
The schools provide multiple types of educational possibilities, the museums contain some of the most valuable and rare collections countrywide. No wonder that the contemporary artists are inspired by the town’s charm.
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