One of the most important element of the roofing. It can be used by the different waved concrete tiles.
It is produced of steel profile which doesn’t corrode. It connects the joint-surface of the roofslat and the tile. It prevents the tiles from diverging in the storm. It is offered in different sizes for different waved tiles.
Stormclip to concrete beavertail tiles

It is a steelstrip-profile and it can be used to connect the surfaces of the roofslat and the concrete beavertail tile. It is offered in galvanized design in 2 sizes: for 25 and 30mm slatdepth.
Galvanized peg
It is an indispensable roofing element. It is composed of galvanized steel with a head. It is offered in 45-300 mm length and in 2,8 - 8,8 mm diameters.
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